Does Your Customer Performance Measure Up?

You don’t own the customer experience, the customer does. You can’t completely control it. What you can do is create conditions to help it flourish. That requires getting a handle on how hundreds, or even thousands of your customer-facing employees interact with customers. It’s also how you’ll be able to maximize your metrics and unlock customer performance.

Call sequencing provides the basics. Unfortunately, it rarely provides real world guidance for conversations for call centers to win and retain customers, or to develop and build loyal customer relationships. Before your customer representatives can do that, they’ll need practical tools and techniques for better connecting with your customers.

You spend millions on marketing and branding, yet one interaction with a customer determines whether your relationship with them continues or collapses. Losing customers and prospects is preventable. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

Customer Experience Workshops, Seminars & Master Classes

 Expand Wallet Share – Half-Day Workshop

Win Customer Loyalty By Showing Yours First

Deep Customer Partnerships allow for real connection and discovery, giving you the ability to discover current needs and anticipate future selling opportunities. These are developed through positive conversations and interactions. Customer-facing professionals don’t instinctively possess skills for building strong and sustainable professional relationships. However, they can quickly and easily learn them from fassforward, including how to make your company part of a customer’s life with every interaction.

This workshop provides an in-depth analysis of the five Customer Types: Budget, Mission, Confused, Looker and Expert. Next, participants will explore different tools and techniques for deepening relationships, winning confidence and building trust with each customer type. The objective is to become adept at crafting conversations based on how customers actually use products and how those products affect their lives. That’s how you develop loyalty… and get customers to buy more, more often.

Every company wants more loyal customers. Start here to create yours. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

 Beyond Customer Care – Half Day Workshop

Replace Rants with Raves

How many times a day do your customer care center employees hear, “Can I speak to your supervisor?” Chances are, it’s not the first time that customer is calling either. fassforward can show your call center professionals how to achieve first call resolutions quickly, smoothly and more consistently. It starts by aligning conversations with your brand promise to create positive customer experiences.

The way you can make a difference with customers is in how you address their concerns or complaints and solve their problems. Separating the problem from the person is key. Building on this, you’ll discover problem-solving techniques for approaching and constructing conversations that manage emotions, eliminate self-created escalations and deepen brand value while expanding customer growth.

You know you care. Make sure your customers know. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

 Customer Retention – One Day Workshop

Improve Call Center-to-customer Retention Conversations

At the customer retention stage, one thing every call center employee needs are tools for dealing with emotionally-charged conversations. This workshop concentrates on how to calm down, converse with, and effectively connect with customers. Keeping customers isn’t enough. You need tools and tactics that turn the relationship around. Otherwise, you’ll eventually be scrambling to replace customers faster than they can leave.

The conversation changes completely when frontline reps implement techniques for navigating the emotional rollercoaster. fassforward can show your call center employees how to help build their own professional aptitude, and to engage in compromises and negotiations that sway customers to stay.

Save customers and build relationships. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

 Value Teleselling – One Day Workshop

Sell in a way Customers want to Buy

You have an interested customer on the phone. Does it get any better than that? It does when your inbound or outbound call center employees recognize what type of customer they’re dealing with and makes an immediate connection with them. Are they on a budget or mission? Are they confused or simply looking? Or, are they a self-proclaimed expert? Whatever the customer type, this workshop is where you’ll learn how to close business with all of them.

Your customers have shopped around and done their research. So, why do people say “No?” More importantly, how do you turn a “No” into a “Yes!”? The answer is by building value in your customers’ lives by linking values to sales objections and overcoming them. Experience a better approach that builds business by customizing the conversations to customer types.

Start Closing Business with ALL your customers. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

 Selling Retail with Relevance – One Day Workshop

It’s not Only How, but Who You Sell

Every customer is different, yet many companies try to sell them all the same way. In this workshop, your sales team will learn how to create more opportunities by selling and positioning products based on customers’ needs. You know who your customer is. fassforward knows why that kind of customer isn’t buying into what you’re selling.

In this workshop, you’ll break down barriers to overcoming customer objections by uncovering information that connects common categories of customers to your products. After defining customer types, you’ll advance to crafting conversations that motivate customers to buy by making your products relevant to their interests, priorities and lifestyles. You’ll see why this is also the key to selling customers more products.

Sell more by adding more relevance to your retail sales conversations. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

 Negotiate to Collect – Half Day Workshop

Collect with a Higher Rate of Return

You want your money. The customer wants to hang up. One irate or verbally abusive caller after another, 20 seconds apart. So how do you convert customers to cash and collect without losing them forever? How does your bill become a priority? fassforward educates financial services groups on how to negotiate payment plans based on constructing conversations that aren’t just about the money.

The skill-building tools in this course teach collectors how to recognize and navigate through the spectrum of emotions customers feel when they’re stressed out about money. Collectors will also come away knowing how to ease tough situations for fearful customers, while not getting sucked into damaging traps that escalate emotionally stressful conversations.

Make collection conversations with your customers pay off. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

 Customer Experience Tailored Programs

Win the New War for Customers.

Introducing leaders, managers, supervisors and frontline employees to “experience based tools and techniques” that will change the way they interact with customers forever.

Pin down and identify the experience your customers need and expect, and move people into action-based understanding of what needs to change and how. Employees become Customer Experience Experts capable of driving sales and deepening loyalty.

How do you compete on experience when it involves lots of people interacting with customers across every touch point in your business? How do you create this new level of focus and behavior change throughout your organization? How do you get your training to stick so your customers stick by you? fassforward creates programs geared toward specific outcomes: increasing sales, reducing churn, improving customer satisfaction, and deepening loyalty. These tailored programs are engineered to have an immediate and lasting effect, built around customer experience campaigns that define operational strategies, provide new management tools and build employee skills and and capability.

To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

Companies looking to compete for customers have three paths to choose from: change price, improve products, or create a new customer experience. Changing how your sales and service organizations interact can change the experience identity of your brand.