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ARGUE WITH the CUSTOMER, you lose (even if you win)

An employee arguing with customers is a big no-no in customer service for any industry. There will always be customers who are rude, unreasonable, irrational, ungrateful or just outrageously idiotic. But if there’s one thing that the customer service industry requires

Having Fun at Work is Serious Business-01

Few people would debate that having fun at work is more positive than negative. Even fewer people would debate that the more employees enjoy their working environment, the better it is for business. However, this may not be as straightforward as it seems: every employee comes to work for a different reason, it could be fool-hardy to assume it's to have fun. (They may prefer to do that outside of work).

Why your employees can’t deliver a good CX

From a recent customer experience survey done by Oracle: 91% [of senior level executives] wish to be considered a customer experience leader in their industry yet 37% are just getting started with a formal customer experience initiative.

What they don't teach you-- Image-01-01

Full disclosure: I got my MBA a few years ago and (on a good day) remember only two specific pieces of information from the whole ordeal. How to be a high functioning tired person is one of those two things — it's been very helpful, by the way.

Is your sales process helping or hurting-01

We all sell. It's what makes the world go round. Humans have traded, bartered, and sold since the invention of the wheel. It's the lifeblood of business, and the linchpin of a customer experience.

Cliches aren't a strategy-01

There's a little thing getting in the way of every great customer experience. Standards. We all have them, from corporations* to customers. You're a customer, when you engage a company or organization in buying a service or product, you have a set of expectations or standards. You may not think about them, you may not be conscious of them, except when the company disappoints. For instance, the "dining out" experience: