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Take off the TRAINING wheels. Employees don’t need them-01

The way training has traditionally been positioned, used, and delivered is what we’ve coined “20th Century Training.


On my first day, as I drove from my home in Mamaroneck, NY, to fassforward’s nearby offices in Pelham, I tempered my excitement; internships, of course, have a tendency to sound a lot better on paper. When I arrived, however.....

MYTH: If we solve the customer’s problem, the experience is a good one.  In today’s digital age, it’s simple for your customers to go to your competitors if they are not emotionally satisfied with your service or products. Studies show it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one* What does it take to keep customers? Solving their issues while also recognizing their emotions. Over 50% of the customer experience is driven by emotions.  Join fassforward as we host our next webinar, How Emotions Drive Customer Experience, where we will discuss:  How a bad customer experience can be a branding and PR nightmare Identifying an unhappy customer and connecting with them emotionally Simplifying the conversation around emotions so you don’t lose your customers  ABOUT Tara Paluck has worked with over 20k frontline employees and Managers, across all business channels, developing and facilitating focus groups, professional development, sales skills, and CX enhancement. Additionally, she has created and rolled out national CX training programs. She consults on the design and needs of the customer and employee experience.
The fassforward HUMAN EXPERIENCE- An interview with TARA PALUCK-01

Today, a lot of companies in a lot of different sectors are talking a lot about the “customer experience.” At fassforward Consulting Group think about this a little differently

How The Home Depot nailed the competition

In the war for customers, we’ve shown you that victory depends on the customer experience a business provides. Time and time again, companies are held captive by price and product, ignoring the key battleground that is customer satisfaction, or CX.

What's your SALES BRAIN?

If sales are part of your job, you have to ask yourself “Can I be better at this?”. The answer is YES, and the secret to success is in your brain. Studies show each of us have natural skills that we use in our sales conversations, but we may not be using them to our advantage. Find out how you think, what your strengths are, how those hurt and how they can help.

Cx Will Save the economy

That's my prediction. I'm biased towards the power of CX, but hear me out for a minute. Up to now, CX has been a hard sell. It's a concept that has received large scale intellectual acceptance, but the successful practice of it has been elusive. As a business strategy, companies haven't really taken CX very seriously, and overall, have paid the idea tremendous lip service, but only lip service. That is, it continues to be a much talked about, but barely acted on, platitude.